Now when I asked the DH to be my prop man there was a couple of thing’s I wanted made
you have seen the fireplace and now I show you the second item.

Again Ellen’s Church’s suggestions were very helpful, she recommended that the item be made deeper and longer .

Paige and Edward very kindly offered to be my model’s, to help show size and scale.

A window seat. Ellen recommended that the seat be made deeper and wider to allow the Sasha’s more room.
You can see that Paige is able to rest her feet on the seat while reading a story to Edward.

Marnie arrives and wants to know if she can listen too!

Both girl’s and Edward can sit comfortably while reading the book.

Here Paige and Edward play hide n seek, Edward’s hiding in the window seat!

Here we have both the window seat and fireplace shown side by side with Duncan wondering , along with mum, just where she’s going to stand these!!

Once again I must Thank Ellen Church for her suggestions re sizing which worked beautifully!

I am trying to convince the DH to make a couple of sets to sell at the Chat n snap!