Before Christmas I saw this young girl on Shelly’s and I was smitten! I did resist for a

while but then like we all do I gave in and asked to have her on layaway due to the rapidly

approaching Christmas holiday.

She arrived earlier this week but due to work and fighting off the really bad cold, that both the

DH and number two daughter had caught , I have not been able to attend to her until today.

Here she is in her clothes when she arrived.

It would appear she does have a strong character, I was going to call her Ava  but once

she’d been washed and dressed , she decided her name was Agnetha and she did not want to

wear the blue and white dress I had taken out for her but white trousers and a fleece winter top

 Here she is after her wash and wearing a hat to try and tame her fringe which is

a bit wayward!

A closer look at Agnetha behind her fringe.

I have taken off her hat so you can see her more clearly. She does have

a sweet face.

She’s already asked the DH if he could make her some skis!!! She was not impressed when he said yes he was

sure he had a couple of lolly sticks somewhere!
She may be a sporty type….only time will tell!