with the arrival of Agnetha , I now have four no navels.

Here we have Agnetha and Ashley.

A closer view of the girls. They have the two different eye styles, Agnetha having the half and Asley the full.

All four girl’s together.from left Ginny, Agnetha, Ashley and Raven.

Here is a closer shot of them. i can see that I have three with blue eyes and one with brown and three with the half

style eyes and one with the full style.

A full view.I love Raven’s Ruth Hartley Scottish dancing outfit.

A nice close up of Ashley and Raven.

and Agnetha and Ginny. I think Ginny looks the youngest and quite shy.

So four lovely girl’s .Some time in the future I would like to add another brunette and possibly a red but only time

and funds will tell…oh and also the right one appearing at the right time….