Anastasia has been very patient waiting quietly for attention while her new mum as been
doing battle with a bad cold. First losing her voice ( some will be delighted at this silence!) meaning
that she had to talk to Anastasia in croaky whispers, luckily Anastasia has excellent hearing.
Then today while mum’s been coughing and sneezing! So instead of a story post , she’s making do with a
checking out some of the clothes available to wear post!

First up we  have a lovely linen dress by Pine street studios, Anastasia’s been wearing this she arrived after the first world wind of dress changes.

Then she tried this set by Dreaming under the Lilac’s, something she said she’d done in the past! dream under the lilac’s. She loved the little pockets and the colour.

Here is a back view.

She loves the fact that the blouse and pants can be worn for play!

Another dress by dreaming under the Lilac’s. Not so sure about this one

may put it on ebay for sale.

Now this dress by Pine Street Studio’s I have always loved and I think it suits her


Finally after all the photo’s I took I managed to get a couple I quite liked.


Still thinking I may have to hire Shelly as the Clan’s official Photographer but quite please with these few.
and we may be going down the blue and white clothing for Anastasia ….I feel a shopping trip coming on…..