The Sasha Chat n Snap

If you are wanting to attend you need to pay me by the 15th March or at least let me know. Once it’s the 16th you are to late!

I would also like to make it clear that I am in no way making a personel profit from this event. I have been informed by someone that how can I ask people to gift their payemt through paypal when I stand to profit from this event! So lets lay out the details…the hall is costing £145 to hire for the day.

I will providing the drinks at my own cost and covering any short fall for hire of hall, I will also be giving a deposit for damages of £200 which will not be returned to me until the end of November!

I have also stated quite clearly I thought that any profit would be paid to charity, so where I am to ‘profit’ from this I would dearly love to know!

I will not let their words spoil this event, I chose to run it in order that people who love Sasha can come along meet up, have a chat and purchase some things for their dolls and that’s what we’ll be doing.