Now this year I want to spend some time getting props etc so that when I do the posts there will be what I need to make the setting right.

Today I received this lovely pine chest of drawers.

I have always loved miniature furniture and this is such a nice item. Raven very kindly offered to show how it looks beside a Sasha.

The drawers are a good size , so will hold clothes for the Sasha’s.

At the beginning of the year I also bought an American girl desk from the US. It was a very good price and when I asked the seller if she also had the chair, she said  yes , it was damaged but she would send it along with the desk for free.

Again Raven show’s how well the AG things can be used for Sasha.

The book is a complete edition of Alice in wonderland with a beautiful cover, it comes in the box you see to the side.


The chair had a loose part at the side and was also in two halves, the top broken off the bottom but I left it in the capable hands of my props man and he repaired it and it now swivels!

So lots of nice new props but!!! Now I need somewhere to set them up! I did have a set of three wide shelves built to make rooms but there are not in best place for light and space, so I need to have a rethink, so that I can get these next few stories onto the blog.