He is a tiny bear that Edward the panda sent for to give to Liberty for helping him settle in while he waited for his little miss to arrive.

Being so small, Hugo tends to spend most of his time over eating and then having to sleep it off! He is very young and enjoys watching everything going on around him and often asks Edward about the things he sees.

Here is Hugo…

“Why are you in the photo?”
” I was keeping Hugo company while he was waiting ”

” I thought you said that you had to be in this photo to make it official?”
Mossy talks over what Hugo is saying ” Yes he was very worried about sitting here all alone..very worried!”

” Mossy kindly remove yourself from the chair…NOW!”

Mossy goes off mumbling about how people do not understand that he was being helpful and taking care of Hugo and it had absolutely nothing to do with being bear of the month!

“Now ” says mum turning back to Hugo ” can you get out of the sock please?”

“No that’s not really better! Can you take if off..completely..just for a little while…yes I know that it’s nice and warm and you like it…..yes you can put it back soon…..thank you ”

At last Hugo gets out of the sock and his mum Liberty stands at his side to help keep in warm with a hug.