Today Hattie decided to go to the the big local garden centre and have a look at all the goodies on offer for Easter. there was so much to chose from.

She loves all the reds, pinks and blues of this display.

These flowers are nice, I wonder if the twins would like them!

“What an amazing display!”

” Mm I wonder if I should get one for home? all those pretty ribbons and eggs dangling from the ceiling, maybe not Toby would only try swinging from them!”

She stops to talk to this little Owl and his friends.

” I love this big telephone blackboard and the little post box”

“Oh if only this mini was bigger”

“This little glass house is sweet ” getting up close for a better look.

” I wonder why they put this box tree in a glass dome? I ask the twins when I get back ”

” hello!” calls Hattie to the two lambs standing in the display ” Are you waiting for someone to buy you?”

” Ignore her ! ” Ewen whispers to Bertie ” She’ll buy you and then I’ll be all alone “
So they pretend they cannot hear Hattie , so Hattie shrugs her shoulders and wanders off.
She finds another much friendlier lamb on another display and they have a chat.
“Hey mum ! come and look at this table , It would be great in the garden for the summer..if we get one!”
“These are a pretty colour” says Hattie on the lavender display.
“Oh Mum ! look at all this chocolate!!!” Hattie cannot decide what to buy it all looks so yummy!
She helps mum pick out a couple of primroses and daffodils to buy.
” This would be a good home to put all the Sasha village props ” calls Hattie from a very lovely and very expensive summer house, Mum calls back something about having to win lottery to be able to buy it!
” My goodness what a lot of dog’s!” exclaims Hattie trying to get round them ” they are all over the place “
Back inside Hattie finds another glass house much bigger than the first one she saw.
” Look mum , this would be prefect for the twins, it’s just the right size “
Mum decides to take Hattie home before there is no room in the car for either of them and no money left to live on!