Kendal asked about the blue boarding at the back of my blog post. Finding a studio space with good light and a nice even surface can be tricky, so most of my posts that have the blue boarding at the back are done in the breakfast area of my kitchen .

I am about to put on a photo that shows the surrounding, so if you do not want to lose the illusion of a little Sasha room you need to stop reading this post and wait for the next!

Yes this is where most of the village life takes place! above the washing machine and tumble dryer next to the boiler and below a shelving unit!!

A closer view showing the board I have placed to the side that blocks the larder cupboard off from the photo’s and behind liberty on the right is the coffee machine which is usually blocked by the card box.

You can see where I have moved things onto the shelf above to get them out of the way when doing another post.

This view shows you the larder cupboard with the fireplace moved in front out of way of the ‘studio’ and the corner of the washing sitting on the kitchen table. The boiler had to be replaced which is why you can see all the pipes, it is still to be boxed in.

I hope this does not effect your view of future posts….

Now to take your mind off the above I thought I would go way off topic and tell you about my Dolls house.
Before I got into Sasha I was into miniature’s and doll’s houses and I owned a lovely one by Sid Cooke which was part house part store and the store I chose to have was a milliners ! and do you know it’s only as  I have just typed this that the connection of that and Hattie’s hats have struck me! But there is another which My DH pointed out to me the other day which is that my Milliners was called Anastasia’s which is what I have called my NP girl!

Here is a photo of my dolls house, which I no longer have. It was a very big house and when we downsized It had no place to call it’s own! So after a couple of years I gave in and sold it and it now lives with a lady in Yorkshire.

The side view showing the ‘house’ front door.

A glimpse of the hall and stairs

The inside

The Attic bedroom and bathroom.

All the beautiful dolls and lovely quality furniture I sold off and then this house. But when I visit a certain person’s blog , she follows lots of miniaturists and I have started dipping into their blogs and seeing all the wonderful items and setting that people out there have made and it makes me wish I had kept my house and it’s furniture!

Because I love miniatures and things that are small replica’s of everyday items, which is why I like finding things for the Sasha’s that suit their size.

Well never mind all is not lost , one day I could always get the half finished dolls house that’s wrapped up and probably home to a few spider’s, that’s been stored out in the shed in the garden for the last 6 years……but maybe not yet….