Some of the Bears are sitting waiting for their little misses and master’s to come home from school or wake up from their naps.

Gertrude and Amiee are reading a book , while Hugo is trying out a hat !  Edward is having a quick 40 winks and Mossy is daydreaming.

Suddenly Mossy jumps to his feet and staring wildly cries ” There a Storm coming!! there’s a Storm coming!”
“Who said that?” asks Hugo
” It’s Mossy” replies Amiee
Gertrude looks over at Mossy In annoyance ” I am trying to read here!”

” Mossy ! Mossy ! ” calls Edward loudly ” MOSSY WAKE UP!”

“That Bear ” says Gertrude quietly to Amiee ” Is tuppence short of a shilling”
Amiee nods in agreement.

” If this hat was just a tiny bit smaller it would be perfect” sighs Hugo from the depth’s.

“There’s a storm coming” chants Mossy

Then just as quickly as it started Mossy sits back down and looks at Edward in bewilderment
” So ” says Edward calmly ” when is this Storm coming?”
” What Storm? ” asks Mossy confused
” The Storm you just said was coming !”
” I don’t know anything about no storms! I hope there’s no thunder I do not like thunder!”
“But you said a Storm was coming”
“No Not me !” says Mossy indignantly
Edward gives up.

Suddenly Mossy stares straight ahead and whispers ” There’s a Storm coming and it’s ……ICY”