I thought I would share a few more of the photo’s I took of the Sasha’s and the Easter items.

The girls from the left  Anastasia, Belinda, Nancy and Paige.

Here we have the three in matching colours of  blue, white and green

The twins finally get a chance to be in the Easter display with Ashley, Dexter and Paige having moved up to the top.

Now the twins are joined by Anastasia, Belinda and Nancy.

Nancy looks a lot smaller here because the box she is standing on is a smaller than the one the other two are standing on.

Here are Ashley, Dexter and Paige in their yellows, white’s with a splash of red.

Baby Rosie decided that she did not get enough photo time and so she’s brought in the new big Radio wagon that we got from Judith and she’s filled it with Easter goodies.

Now she’s added a pot of tulips to her stash!

She’s asked Sapphire to pull the trolley while she holds on to her treasure.

Now she’s lost the tulips and card but gained Ciro!

Oh now the card’s back to wish everyone a Happy Easter but we have already done that Rosie!
I see this is you and Ciro wishing everyone a Happy Easter on behalf of all the babies and the bears ! I’m surprised that Mossy’s not here! What he is in the first Easter post on Sunday? Id best go and check!