Hello you must be April! You were hoping to get here for Easter but you just missed it!
Never mind it’s nice that you are finally here.

Hello who’s this? Beauregard  ? but people call you Beau !

Well April this is Beau he is new here to.

‘Oh No! ‘thinks beau ‘ She’s got me!’

‘Thank goodness’ sighs Beau ‘ She’s just giving me a kiss not an arm lock!’

‘What’s happening now? ‘ wonders Beau

‘I always wanted a sailors hat ! How did she know?’

‘Mmm it’s a bit big’

‘A TV great ! can we watch country file ? I have a lot of relatives that appear on that very week you know’

‘ No country file? just London bridge is falling down…we don’t want to go near that then!’

‘Oh What’s happening! Your feeling tired ?’

‘ Well I could do with forty winks myself . You know you are supposed to count sheep to help ..you..slee…’ zzzz