I went to visit my eldest daughter on Easter Monday and Tony and Zak came along for the ride
I should have known Toby would get up to mischief and pull poor Zak along with him.

While I am in the kitchen chatting the boys wander into the lounge…….

“WOW” exclaims Toby ” A dragon !”
” Cool ” replies Zak happy that the dragon is behind the glass.
“I wonder what he feels like to touch?” says Toby getting closer to the glass ” How do you open this thing?”
“WHAT! NO TOBY!” CRIES ZAK ” You must NOT open the glass!”
Within seconds Toby’s worked out how to open the glass doors and is touching the dragon
“Hello Mr Dragon” says Toby quietly
” Toby Toby ! Shut the door ” calls Zak in a whisper from a safe distance..
The Dragon decides to climb his log so he can look at this strange person eye to eye, so of course what does Toby do..he goes into the Dragon’s Den! Zak hurries closer in case he needs to drag Toby’s dying body from the Dragon’s lair!!
Toby and the Dragon have a staring contest…it’s a draw!
Then Lauren arrives and telling Toby off for getting in the Dragon’s den, she takes the dragon out and puts in on her leg.
Toby is soon forgiven and he is up close asking all sorts of questions about the Dragon.
“What does he eat?”
” Does he sleep?”
” Don his eyes close when he sleeps?”
“How big will he grow?”
The questions continue for quite a while and Lauren answers them all patiently.
Toby holds out his arm ” Will he climb on me?”
Zak feeling brave moves up beside Toby watching the Dragon turn his head and refuse to climb on Toby’s arm.
But he does give Toby a kiss on the cheek!
That was just a bit too close for Zak and he feels the need to have a lie down!
The Dragon smiles….
The boy’s turn to leave once Lauren’s put the Dragon back in his den.
” Hey Mum !” calls Toby seeing her in the doorway ” You just missed the Dragon out of his den and Lauren let me touch him! Wait till I tell the others they will be so jealous ” he laughs happily.
” You Ok Mum? ” ask Zak ” You look a little wobbly “….
I would like to thank my daughter Lindsey who took the photo’s where the Dragon was out of his den I was of course directing things from my place of safety , the other side of the door which was open a tiny crack in order to be slammed shut should the Dragon, Zilla, try to approach me!! and I Thank my daughter Lauren who allowed Toby and Zak to meet her Dragon.Now I am off to have a cup of tea, even posting these photo’s makes me wobbly….:)