and Edward cannot find Mossy! He has searched all over the house and he is about to go tell Mrs Mum when he decides to have one last look in the lounge..

” Mossy? Mossy? Is that you back there?” calls Edward into the fireplace.
” No”  a voice calls back.

“What an earth are you doing? ” asks Edward ” I have been looking for you for a good hour!”

Edward goes into the fireplace to see Mossy.
“Why are you in here? ”
” There’s a Storm coming ” whispers Mossy
” Yes I know , you can hear the rain from here but it’s nothing to be afraid about lad” says Edward reassuringly.” There may be a clap or two of thunder but it’s nothing to worry about!”
” But It’s coming ..and  it’s coming ….soon ” whispers Mossy eyes wide with worry.


Edward pats Mossy’s arm ” I know lad, but it will soon pass. Now come along I saw Mrs Mum putting chocolate biscuits in the cupboard, I am sure she will allow you one to help take your mind off the Storm!”

At the mention of chocolate biscuits Mossy agrees to follow Edward to the kitchen in search of Mrs Mum but echoing through his mind is the words….Storm coming… Storm coming…. chocolate coming…
well he is easily distracted….