so everyone at Sasha village is in door’s staying out of the cold and rain. No one heard the tap on the door due the clap of thunder that’s been rumbling round all afternoon. Look! The postman’s left a parcel on the door step ! I wonder what it can be? What’s that noise! It’s coming from the box…… ” Row row row ..the ..boat..” a sweet young voice trembles ” gently..down..the stream ..” the voice sounds tearful ! “Whose singing ? ” a gruff voice asks ” Me ” ” Oh ” the gruff voice continues ” I thought I was alone in here!” ” No don’t you remember ! When he pushed me back in the box I fell on you” says the voice softly ” and then he put tape on and we could not get out!” the voice begins trembling tearfully “..and..and..then you said not to worry you’d look after me.” ” Did I ? ” the gruff voice questions ” Then of course I will if that’s what I said ” he confirms firmly. All goes quiet for a while then  ” I wonder where we are? we have been in here a long time !” ” Whose that? ” asks the gruff voice again ” It’s me” sighs the trembly young voice ” Oh ” the gruff voice seems to pause in thought


” Are you…Lonely? ” asks the gruff voice…..
All is silent for a moment, then the voice trembles.. s..sob ” Yes..”……..