The parcel stayed on the doorstep all night! But luckily despite the howling wind and rain it was still there come morning, when finally it was found and bought inside.

Hattie called Toby to come and see the parcel as it was addressed to him.

“What have you been up to Toby?” asks Hattie
“Nothing! Honest! ” Toby looks at the box ” Maybe someone sent me a present! a car or a boat.or or ..”

” I do not think Cars or boats snore!” says Hattie laughing, Toby  listens carefully…yes it’s true there are little gruff snores coming from the box and tiny sighs as if some thing or some one sleeps within.

” Lets open it” say Hattie moving towards the box, Toby’s not so sure but he is curious to find out what’s making the noise..

Hattie and Toby stare in stunned silence at what the box contains!

The sudden glow of light into the box stirs the occupants to life.

“TOBY!” cries Hattie shocked “What have you done? why is someone sending you a baby?”
” Don’t shout at me ! I’m only 5, how would I know ! I was hoping it was a CAR!”
Hattie comes to her senses ” Oh Sorry ” she says guiltily

” I am NOT a baby !” says the occupant of the box who is now standing with the bear in her hood ” I am a
Toddler !”
” Well you look like a baby to me ” declares Toby annoyed that it’s not a toy in the box!
Her chin begins to tremble….

Hattie quickly asks ” How did you get in the box? and who sent you here? ”
The toddler turns to Hattie ” I was playing hide and seek with Lucas and I hid in the box and when I went to get out he pushed me in and then sat on the box and I was stuck !”

The little bear pipes in ” I was already in the box….I think….I had been in there a very long time…or maybe only a day..I cannot remember very well these days….”

“M mm ” says Hattie ” Well I know where you have come from but why? Which one are you Little Shelly or Tatum ?”
” She’s Lonely” says the bear
” No I am not !”
“You said you were lonely last night when I asked you ” replied the Bear” I remember that well !”
” I thought you asked if I was lonely…on my own and I was ”
” How could you have been on your own.? ” demands the bear gruffly ” I was in there with you!”
Hattie decides to stop the argument getting any worse and says ” Let me help you out ”
The bear sees Toby hurrying off ” Where’s he going? If it’s to the kitchen I’d love a jam sandwich…I cannot remember the last time I had a jam sandwich…..”

“Well little Shelly or..” the toddler interrupts ” I’m Storm ”
” Well Storm , I do not really remember you on the Ice queens blog !”
” That’s because her majesty did not like me , so I had to stay in the shed in the garden most of the time unless there was cleaning to do. then I got to come inside and scrub the floor”

Hattie is horrified but unsurprised at little Storm’s tale ” Well we do not make children clean the floors here! only your bedroom if you have left all your toys and clothes on it!”
Storm is confused ” Toys? Bedroom? ”
” Did you not have a bed or toys? ” asks Hattie amazed
” I had an old flour sack stuffed with straw to sleep on and if Lucas did not hide it I had a worn old piece of blanket to cover me ” replies Storm as if this is perfectly normal ” and once her Majesty gave me an icicle to play with but it made my hands burn so I dropped it and she was very angry and so I did not get my bowl of the Princess Merry’s leftovers to eat”

Hattie takes Storm’s hand ” Come with me ” she can barely keep the tears from her eyes ” and I will find you some clothes and some toys and a big bowl of stew that is NOT some ones left overs!”

Storm is stunned at what she hears ” Do you think I can stay here a while ? ” she asks anxiously ” Just until I find a home ”

Hattie lifts up the bear and holds Storms hand ” You can stay here forever both of you !”
Storm gives a shy smile not quite ready to believe that she may be able to stay in this wonderful place where there is no Lucas or Ice queen.
“Diggory ” she says to the Bear ” We can stay here ”
” Is this not where we live? ” asks Diggory bewildered ” I am sure this is our house or at least I think it is, I was in that box a while and things do change ”
” Come along ” says Hattie clearing her throat ” lets get you two settled in and find Mum and tell her what’s happening ”

Diggory decides to walk so he can stretch his legs after spending so long in the box, he is not as steady on his feet now after all his battles . He may be old but he is not ready to be put on the shelf yet!and he wants to make sure that evil imp Lucas is really not hiding some where about to jump out and turn this into a lovely dream!