A few days late but at least here is April’s bear of the month. She is very new to the village and was bought due to her name and of course her lovely look.


This is Gloria who came with her daffodil blanket. She is awaiting her special little miss.
I bid on Gloria as soon as I saw her one because she is so sweet and two because she has the same name as my mother.
Unfortunately my mother passed away when she was only 42 leaving behind five children aged from 21 down to 9, for us it was a massive shock but for her the best and quickest way to go. She had a heart attack 8 days after her stomach had been removed due to the dreaded cancer, after her death we were told that she would have only had about 6 months to live, so for her the best result.
She was a lovely shy woman who saw the good in everyone, she loved her garden , old furniture, fabric etc and her family and is of course still missed 37 years later.

Now Mum had dark hair so this little bear will be waiting for just the right dark haired Sasha to appear or maybe she’s already here and I just need to introduce them…..