We all know that being Sashaholic’s means that we scourer all web sites , shops and car boots and anywhere else we may find a Sasha !

Even if we have no plans to purchase any more Sasha’s or are awaiting one etc , we still have to look JUST IN CASE!! that 60’s NP’s been listed on a buy it now for a song! or is buried in a pile of old dolls unloved and tatty but with her light glowing just for our shaking fingers as we, in total disbelief , pull her from the depths and buy her for an unbelievable low price!

Well I was cruising the site’s a couple of weeks back when I came across a couple of listing’s of Sasha’s that were not listed as what they were. A couple I watched and did not bid and they went for a fair price but still a good deal for the buyer, one I did bid on but lost out due to her looking very lovely and wearing a great outfit and clearly showing in her photo’s what year she was.

However there was another listing that I watched and asked a few questions on and received the answer’s I was hoping for.

So this one I did bid on and much to my surprise won at well under what I’d been prepared to pay. Well they arrived yesterday, yes there were two!, a Sasha and a Baby! It was the Sasha I was interested in the baby was a bonus.
I could see she had cut hair and the seller also stated this but they also stated that she/they was bought in early seventies.

Here is her photo when she arrived..

She is what I hoped she was a 60’s girl. with white stringing with purple dashes in both arms and legs.

She was in need of a good wash and her fringe tamping down

Now this is unexpected, could this be a full centre parting? is she meant to have one? her hair is two toned blonde.

Well she’s had a wash and worn a beanie, to hold down her cut fringe, then dressed and here she is now.

Looking much better though her fringe is quite short.

You can see her hair is still quite long at the back.



I love that her hair has been cut and just needs styling although her fringe is a little short for my tastes so I may have to send her off to be re fringed!
She is wearing a dress by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha , shoes by Jean Jensen and socks by Gill Nash.
At the moment her name is either Jocelyn or Isabelle…

Oh and this is the baby who came with her before her wash. I am not sure if I will keep her as that will make 9 babies and do I really need 9  !