George and Quinn are in the playpen looking at a picture book of animals. Quinn is looking and then making the sound of the picture he sees and George is trying to guess what it is!

Just then the door opens and Hattie and Storm enter the room. ” This is the play room , Storm ” says Hattie ” and look George and Quinn are here ”

George pulls himself up as soon as he hears Hattie’s voice.

“Oh! Bab bies ” Says Storm in excitement ” Bab Bies I love Babies!”

George looks a Quinn and whispers a name!

Quinn quickly pulls himself up, then both boys shout ” No Tat Um No!”

That nasty Tatum’s not getting their toys!

“Boys! ” says Hattie sternly ” This is not Tatum, this is our new sister Storm!”

George and Quinn have a whispered conversation about what Hatties just said. Do they believe Hattie?

“K” says George after a few minutes of baby babble with Quinn.

They sit back down and carry on looking at their picture book, but first they throw out Nellie the Elephant as a peace offering.

After Hattie’s wiped away her tears Storm approaches the baby’s and coo’s at them over the rails.
George and Quinn find this hilarious and are soon laughing at Storm’s cooing! and beckoning her in!

Hattie helps Storm into the playpen, then leaves then to play for a while.

Soon the boys are babbling away at Storm and sharing their toys .Storm has never played with babies before and is having a lovely time.
After a while Hattie returns helps Storm out of the playpen and takes the boys off for their nap.

Storm plays with some of the toy’s, she’s never been allowed to play with anything before! It was always Little Shelly and Tatum with horrid Lucas!

But she cannot help but start tidying the toy’s because that’s what she always had to do back in darkest Sussex!

She finds a pram with dolls in and stops to have a little play, she always watched from the shed window as Little Shelly and Tatum pushed their pram and babies round the garden, she so wanted to have a go!

She takes a moment to sit at the table and look at the little house but the lure of the dolls pram and the sun on the window soon have her heading for the garden.

She is soon out in the sun with the pram and babies.

She’s taken a basket in case she finds some things to bring back.

She heads deeper into the garden Humming and chatting to the babies, so happy in the sunshine.

Oh dear I wonder if anyone mentioned Drago..the Dragon !!