Due to the sunny although not that warm weather we are finally having I changed another of the girl’s into spring clothes and decided to search for some where to take some photo’s.

Calico Kate my 60’s slate eyed red head came to help try out places for the shoot.

We liked this space under the miniature Japanese cherry tree but there were lots of bee’s buzzing about, so we left them to it!

This was not bad but a little to dappled sun.

This pile of bricks that a pot sits on in the summer was not too bad except for the twig growing out of her head!

So we landed up back at one of our favourite spots with the gargoyles. we were joined by the new girl Jocelyn also wearing a Passion for Sasha dress by Ginny.

They are joined by Anastasia who is also wearing Passion for Sasha by Ginny.

I love the blue dress that Anastasia’s wearing so I asked Ginny to make me one for Storm who has joined the girl’s to show it off.

Anastasia and Storm modelling their matching dresses.

All the girl’s together in their lovely spring dresses.
Not wanting to leave the boy’s out Adam was in the garden wearing his new Dolly Doodles spring/summer outfit so he came over so I could take his photo.
I love the colour of this outfit, the vibrant blue against the black. He is wearing Judith’s new cargo style trousers with little pockets on the legs.
Here you can see the striped T shirt a prefect match to the trousers and hoodie.
The girls’ all join Adam for a photo .
A final photo of them all.