This morning after yesterdays post with the fireplace still blocking the larder cupboard.

A bench of Teddies awaiting their next entrance, sitting on a chest of drawers and the desk!

A Japanese warrior very upset that he’s been pushed aside so three no navels can stand and be admired!

The shelf where the Sasha’s/ Gregors are supposed to stand when in lounge, sometimes standing two deep!

The cupboard that is supposed to have ONE Sasha standing on it, next to it a pile of clothes from a Gregor!

The rest of the cupboard where the others Sasha’s wait with a pile of clothes on the shelf above that is not supposed to be there!!

The new baby who is waiting to see if she’s staying and Morgan who is waiting a new mum.

And three of the girl’s standing with their feet in the wool bag with Adam waiting to be returned to the shelf after being changed into his new DD outfit! and no they are not for sale at 20% off!!

So do I tidy up after I have done a post for the blog or redressed a Sasha………eventually… 🙂