There is a small disagreement going on down the end of the garden.

” Ya a wee monster Georgie ” says Drago in a huff ” Ya be knowning tis my turn to be playing St. George!”
George just stands and gives Drago his wobbly lip face….
” Ock ya wee scamp ! Youse can be him this time”

Soon George is riding on Drago’s back waving his lolly stick ( Mum does not allow swords!) and squealing with joy while Drago pretends to snarl and snap his great teeth and fangs!!


” Ock This reminds ma of the time Sir Cedric de Bonnicut tried ta kill ma aunt Morag !” says Drago while
George tries to chop his head with the lolly stick, oops sword!
” Aye it were a bloo..ah..nasty fight but ma aunty won fair n square! No that Sir Cedric would agree !”

” Georgie boy are ya trying to dig a wee hole in ma head?” asks Drago beginning to feel a bit sore where George is attacking him ” I think it’s time ya won ya wee rascal !”

Drago lays down after making sure George is off his back and moans and growls ” Arrgh  St George , ya black hearted knave , I’m doone fa ya evil wretch !”
Drago closes his eyes then waits just long enough for George to start to worry then jumps up!.

George gives Drago a hug for playing with him.
” Aye young Georgie it wah nice but I no be the Dragon next year! I will be St George and save ta day!”