The weather is so nice, the bench has been put out in the garden and the bears are sitting and watching the garden grow!
It is lovely and peaceful with most of the clan off at school and the babies having their afternoon naps.

Suddenly they hear a noise in the bushes!

“Hello” say a little voice ” Why are you in the garden? Are you hiding?”

” No! ” says Gertie ” We are not hiding! We are getting some peace …well we were getting some Peace and Quiet!”
” Who are you? ” asks Hugo politely
” Storm ” she replies.

Edward looks at Mossy ” It’s Storm! You knew she was coming!”

” I did? ” asks Mossy bewildered ” When did I say that? ”
” The other day, you kept saying there was a storm coming! don’t you remember lad!”
” Oh Yes ” agrees Mossy deciding to go with the flow ” Yes yes I said a storms coming ! a storm’s coming! ” his voice all gruff and mysterious
Edward rolls his eye’s deciding Mossy has no idea what he’s on about!
Suddenly Mossy and Edward find themselves scooped up

Storm giggles and settles Edward and Mossy on her lap ” This is much better ” she sighs cuddling the bears.
” You is sweet bears ”
” I am a Panda! ” says Edward and then starts to explain the difference between bears and panda’s to Storm who pretends to listen while smiling at the little sweet bears!

Diggory who has been sitting quietly beside Aimee says ” I knew a child at my last house just like her ! She lived in a shed at the bottom of the garden her name was…..”

” Ah her name was … that’s not it…ah…rain….no no ahem….”
Aimee says ” could it have been Storm? ”
Diggory smiles kindly ” Of course..not! Just give me a moment and it will come to me….now where was I..oh ..yes …sunny….maybe not…ah….sleet? frost?…..”
Aimee’s eyes glaze over and she begin’s to think about what could be for tea while Diggory goes through one wrong name after another….