I received a lovely dress from Ruth Hartley of ruthdolls the other day and

decided that my Gotz blonde Sophie could wear it.

Now for me it looks a little short on her but I know Steve would be delighted but the colour does suit her so she can wear it for a while.

Now Sophie is one of the few Sasha’s I have never considered selling. I think it’s because she sat on Shelly’s for so long waiting for someone ( and she was looking and waiting for me) to buy her , that when I finally caved in and bought her I promised she could stay.
It could also be that she has the same colour of eyes and hair combination as my youngest daughter Courtney? may be maybe not!

These are the only later Gotz I now own and Adam ( who is a David) very nearly got sold when I listed him on ebay but when It came to take the photo, I just could not bring myself to sell him! So I believe he’s staying !

On the left we have Evie, ( an Angela) who I tried again and again to buy and was always out bid until one day I struck lucky and so she came home.

She is a gorgeous Sasha BUT I am now having a rethink of my collection and her names come into the frame as a possible adoptee ! I love her when I see her but she tends to stay on the shelf and is still wearing her outfit from before Christmas!


Am I making the right decision to sell her? and a couple of the other’s? Will I decide I should have kept them if they go? Will I be selling the right ones? Oh the stress!! I thought this Sasha collecting lark would be a delight!!