Spring fever has it the village!!! and Sasha’s , Gregor’s and Babies have been placed up for adoption!!!

So far Evie aka Angela is one ebay with original box and clothing.

she comes with all her original clothes and box in excellent condition


Mitzi the only one I am having doubts about!!!UPDATE I HAVE WITHDRAWN MITZI FROM SALE…

Freddie is now on ebay!!

Maria is now on ebay!!


and Dexter my minty 68 Gregor with gold tag and tube and all his original clothes…….UPDATE**** DEXTER IS NOW SOLD***

Why you are asking?? Well I just decided today that I would re evaluate my collection and these were the one’s that jumped out that could go for adoption! I was ? am? considering one of the Velvet’s but if I do which one? and then I would not have any twins? so….  it’s all the lap of the God’s or if anyone buys them before I change my mind and take them off!!!!!