When I visited Gill on Friday to collect Winter and take the No navel’s wearing VSD’s photo’s I also
took some photo’s of  Gill’s other Gotz girls.

Gill loves the Gotz Sasha’s and does have a wide collection.

They were very interested in the No Navel’s posing for the camera.

Wondering why that woman cannot take a straight photo!

Now there is one little non Gotz girl among these but that’s for you to find!

Love all their Ruth Hartley Duffle coats

I love the fabric of this dress that Gill’s girl Poppy is wearing.

The colours look so good on her.

The dress is by Nikita of Dreaming under the Lilac’s, the shoes by Rosie Bloomfield

the dog the model’s own  🙂

Gill sent me this photo today of her girl’s Saskia and Kasha getting to know each other.

Looking swish in their Hattie’s Hat’s with Hattietude.

Gill’s Kasha and my Raven both in same colour VSD’s, The colour suits them both.

All the blondes together, Gill two on left my two on right.

My two brunette’s,Raven and Winter.

Ginny my only red no navel and the first one I ever bought which sent me down this slippery slope!! 🙂