Now I have spent the last couple of years keeping my eye open for one of the French made pram’s either a Doucet or a Red. But have always seen them after someone’s bought them or in someone’s photo.

Then the other week two thing’s happened. Someone decided that they not longer wanted a pram I had shown interest in and it was offered to me!  I said no thank you !… Of Course I did not!! I said yes please can you give me a day to sort out payment.


Here it is a Doucet pram the perfect size for Sasha.


A closer view.

Then a couple of days after I had paid for this pram and was waiting for it’s arrival, a Sasha friend contacted
me to say that she’d been watching a pram on ebay but she had decided not to bid on it and gave me the link!

Well just after this I visited Dawn’s and saw the lovely display of French pram’s in all colours, so when I returned I bid on it and much to my surprise I won !.

It arrived today another Doucet pram but this time in French Navy and white.


I cannot quite believe that I now have two after looking for so long! There as also been two other French pram’s listed and sold around the same time that I watched this one! So like buses they have all come along together!


The Navy one is a little more scratched than the white but a beauty none the less! So I will have to get on the sewing machine and make some covers and pillows for them.


This reminds me of something?

Yes that’s right! Dawn’s magnificent Bakers Dozen….
I can feel a very slippery slope coming on……..and it’s entirely Dawn’s fault !
After all, as Dawn know’s it would be rude to refuse  🙂