I would have loved to leave the photo of Brigitte’s beautiful Studio Farm Girl on all month but I am far to chatty a person not to have to move on…..but Thank you Brititte for the wonderful photo’s.

I thought I would show you two Sasha cards I received of two of my favourite girls.


The one on the left is from Gill who wished me a ‘Hattie’ Birthday and I was over the moon because this is my favourite photo of Hattie.
The One on the right I received from Kendal of the beautiful Np Anastasia ( No longer in the village) photo by the talented Shelly and will be a lovely keepsake of her time here with me.

Now I did not realise what a bonus getting the DH to take me to Dawn’s fun day would be, because seeing all the prams and listening to me chatter on, inspired the DH to search for, bid on and win ……


this lovely white pram by the French company Red. Belinda is very kindly showing you how perfect it is for the Sasha’s.


He said it was quite dirty when it arrived , so he washed it then re wrapped it for me.
So now I have three! when just a month ago I could not find one for love nor money!! So strange how things workout!. So now I have three sets of pram bedding and covers to sort out, will finally have to get the sewing machine working and use some of the lovely fabric I keep buying.

I will show you the finished results soon.