Thought I’d tell you of a few things happening in my Sasha village…

After my visit to the lovely Lady K and her Brood, I was inspired by a few of her Sasha waifs!
I was very taken with Harper, who I had also seen on Shelly’s but was pipped to the post by the quick dial Lady K.


Here is Harper ..and friend!!

I also love this young unnamed Sasha in a cossette  Wig but with original eyes


This young lady I just adore! A sweetheart.I will call her Amy.

But unless I challenge Lady K to three rounds of fisty cuffs and the winner gets to chose three of the loser’s Sasha’s, these young ladies will be staying right where they are.I had best point out that Lady K would have to have one hand tied behind her back to give me a fighting chance, due to her sporting prowess, I would be lucky to escape without two black eyes and a dose of concussion! and the loss of my three best Sasha’s ( that lady  has a perfect eye for a Sasha!) and she’d want Mossy as a winner’s trophy…so I will not be going down that line!

So I decided that I would keep my eye open for a couple of possible Sasha’s that could be my similar waifs.

Well a couple of weeks back I spotted a candidate for Harper, a very nice late 70’s brunette at a good price which could only mean she had falling hair ( which of course was not mentioned ) so I snapped her up and yes her hair is falling, quite a bit but still very thick.
Now I did not want a direct copy so I sent my Sasha off to Shelly and asked for her to be repainted with deep blue eyes and I started looking for a suitable wig!

Now the best laid plans are always open to fate!
Shelly sent me some photo’s of my girl repainted ! and also wearing a lovely outfit that I had twice stopped myself from sending an email to buy , off her sales page!

Here are Shelly’s photo’s..

new eyes 1

Love her in this outfit which I of course then had to buy!

eyes 3

A lovely close up of her eyes. A  fabulous job by Shelly.

And what’s happened  I love her like this! Love her hair style with these eye’s , so no wig for this young lady
she will keep her falling hair for as long as possible and will be re wigged when she needs to be!

Now I bought her around the same time that Steve sent me Reuben for my birthday, so was going to make her Reuben’s little miss ! and for that reason I was going to call her Stevie !
But as is the way with my stories, when I write other ideas form and take over! So at present I have other things in store for that rude little Reuben!
But this young lady will still be named Stevie because she seems to like the name and who know’s she may land up with Reuben!!

So I am still on the lookout for a ‘Harper’ candidate! so back to square one….

Another thing happening is discussions about splitting the DH’s workshop into two, so I can have a studio for all my Sasha village props.
Today between shower’s we went into workshop and spent time working out how to split the space , so the DH still had a large area and I also had enough room for my studio needs!
Finally an agreement was reached, with the DH having the windows and the end double doors and me the single door and no windows!! but once the space is split and cleared we will work on either putting in a window and or extra lighting!
So I am hoping that by the end of the summer I may have my studio  and storage space for my props! Which of course means I can buy more!!! I mean which is wonderful   🙂