It would appear that someone’s decided that they will be bear of the month for August!!!

REUBEN! Mm he was not supposed to be bear of the month but it would appear that’s he’s elbowed his way in.
” Reuben ” says Mrs Mum ” It’s a bit early for you to be Bear of the month”
” But Mrs Mum I need to be able to reach the most people as soon as possible! ” says Reuben ” I cannot be waiting round this village for ever! ”
” How are you going to do that? ” questions Mrs Mum
” I am going to address the people who come look at this village ! They may have just what I am looking for!”
Mrs Mum’s not so sure..but she waves him on. He gets out his notes , clears his throat with a little cough and then begins.


” Hello. My Name is Reuben . I am a very friendly bear ..” He hears someone snort but ignores it and carries on ” and I am looking for a Sasha or Gregor of note! Who I will decide if I will consent to stay with and be their own personal Bear ”
He shuffles his papers ” I will ONLY consider  the finest of person, they must NOT have a philtrum !
they must have all their own hair, no re roots need apply!
It must be the correct length and in perfect condition , so on that note no brunette’s need apply as it is my understanding that their hair falls!! I will not belong to no Baldy! ” he stops listening, he is sure he heard a gasp!
It stay’s quiet so he carry’s on ” I would prefer that they have all their original clothes and shoe’s and do not have any scrapes and shiny patches. If you are born after 1968 you need NOT apply! Please send your photo with a 250 word essay on why I should consider your application. Please allow me time to look at the hundred’s of letter’s I will receive, for you can all see that I am a particularly fine bear !”

He looks over a stunned looking Mrs Mum ” I do believe I’ll be out of here by the end of the week!” looking almost happy he walks off whistling!!