Recently I put a lovely photo of one of Liss’s Shelly repaint’s wearing a pair of white cord dungaree’s with hand in pocket, which I love as it makes them look so natural.

I loved the pose so much I thought I would try it out with Stevie my new Shelly repaint girl. Now Liss’s girl’s hair is tied back in a long plait but Stevie’s hair is only to her shoulder’s which is nice as that’s give’s it a slightly different look.

I took the photo outside  and today is very windy ,so had to find a slightly sheltered corner and work quickly before the wind found us and caused damage!

Any way this was the best of the bunch, her dungarees appear a totally different colour ! but they are a very vibrant blue , so that make be why !


She is standing on a white board that seem’s to have disappeared!!

Well  I’m quite pleased with pose but feel I could have done better! It’s amazing that in this shot Stevie’s eyes appear to be brown! When you would expect all that blue clothing to highlight the blue!

I have added Liss girl so you can compare how I’ve done!

Liss girl


I need to get Cornelia one of these wigs…..