After yesterday’s photo feedback I thought I would try again but put the complete outfit on two other Sasha’s.

First up is Paige my 1969 Dungarees girl, so she should look good in a pair of dungaree’s! The blue is a truer colour match today to the fabric.


Always felt the Paige has a younger look about her to the other Sasha’s.I think she looks quite thoughtful in this pose.

Next up we have Liberty my 1980’s Pintuck Sasha with her real hair wig.She was very happy to take part in this trial due to still wearing for Easter outfit! So at least now she’s been changed! Mind you while I am confessing I’d best admit that Paige was still in her Easter outfit but in her case it was because I loved her in it.
Now here is Libby in the exact same outfit as Paige and Stevie from yesterday.


I think Libby looks quite determined in this pose maybe questioning why she needs to stand in such a way?

I love the outfit on all three of them , they all look nice in their own way.

Thought I’d finish with another photo of Paige because I think she’s ¬†adorable !

Well all comments welcome on what you feel about these poses to yesterdays.