Another wig arrived for Cornelia to try.This one was very cheap £6 plus £4 postage but I thought It might BE A GOOD ONE.


This is longer than I thought it would be, It had looked more shoulder length in the photo on ebay, it was not shown on a doll.


I also thought it was a darker colour but the colour is nice,


A back view.

It’s a lovely colour but does not appear to sit right on her ! It also seems quite roomy, so that could be why it looks too long at the front!

I am beginning to feel like giving up and sending her for a re root !! But I have three more wig’s coming’s
two different coloured monique ‘ginger’wigs and a monique Faith! and considering I was trying for a similar look to Kendal’s Harper whose wig is very curly and fairly short and all of these wig’s coming are long and fairly straight! I am not actually doing very well! I just hope one suit’s her !

And I must still try and find the curly one!!

All comments welcome…..