The children in the village were very happy and a little bit envious to receive some postcards via the computer from their good friend India who’d been taken on a lovely holiday to Barbados by her Mum and Dad.


“Hello to my friends in the Sasha village ” writes India ” It is lovely here in Barbados, today was Dad’s birthday so he opened all his cards and Mum treated him to a bottle of bubbly , but I was not allowed any I was only allowed a coke!”

BARBADOS 006 (5)

“This is a photo just for Toby ! Look Toby it’s just like a walnut whip! How funny ” writes India showing off the lamp in the hotel room.


” This is me standing on the balcony overlooking the beautiful island palm trees.” writes India ” We are off for a drive ”


“this is the little car we used to travel from the Island , I wanted to drive but Mum would not let me !”


” This is Mum holding me so I cannot run off and get an ice cream ! I had to wait until after we’d had lunch!”


” Here is a photo of me in amongst the plants, you can see the lovely Beach and sea behind me, it’s so lovely here , I wish you could be here too !”

BARBADOS 063 (3)

” We spend a lot of time sun bathing by the pool, Mum bought me this sun suit especially ”


” I did not feel to good this day, I tried some of dad’s beer and it made me feel all giggly and then quite sick! Mum said I had to stay on the sun lounger until I felt better ”


“We found this little playhouse , I wanted Dad to buy it and bring it home But Mum said it would cost to much. It’s a shame as it was sooo nice !”


” Well I must say good bye I’ll be back in England soon and will tell you all about the great time I had , Bye ”