always put a new outfit you buy  on your Sasha or Gregor or baby the day you receive it?
Or do you save it for later ? Do you buy it for a certain ‘display’ or reason so therefore not use it until then?
or do you put it on straight away because you want to see it!
Or do you put it away only to discover it later as a nice surprise or a Oh I never knew I had that ! moment.

Why is she asking ? I sense you wondering ! Well above I have put a photo of Gill’s girl’s in their Ruth Hartley repro smocked dresses. I love these dresses and have bought a couple over time and when I saw Gill’s girl’s in these It made me think I must get on and buy some more! Now I bought for one for Ginny my Red haired No navel, it’s the green one not shown here. Then when I got my second No navel Ashley I bought her the raspberry one, also not shown here. I had them both ready and waiting for the Sasha’s arrival so they had a outfit new for them on arrival.
Then I acquired three more No navel’s over time but got behind with getting them these dresses, other dresses were available to be new for them on arrival.I must say I was convinced I had another set but unfortunately not!

So what set me on this question is that I finally bought the Blue set , shown here on Gill’s red haired slate eyed girl but it’s for my No navel girl, so do I change them yet again ! but I still need two more dresses to make the set or do I use the dresses for three other girls? Or do I put it away and wait for a long while until I get two more ? Or until they need changing again then three of them could wear them? but then it’s now Autumn and will soon be winter and they’ll need warm clothes??
So I just wondered what other’s did?

And writing this as made me decide that I’m going to change three of the girls into these outfits or I could be waiting a long time …Thanks for the help 🙂
I’ll put a photo of the three on tomorrow, it’s dark and grey and raining here now! hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow and I’ll get some good photo’s.

It will be interesting to know what other’s do with their new outfits….