Due to all the never ending rain the village bears have sat themselves in front of the computer to do a bit of surfing the net! While also checking on the Sasha blogs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They are all sitting round looking at the different blog posts when they come across Sasha Commoneo crews blog. They are very surprised to hear the boys on the blog talking about them! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Their mum is making them all speak English for one day a week and some of the boys do not want to do it but another tell’s him all about the bears at Sasha Village!. ” Hey That’s us!” say Mossy Edward rolls his eyes ! ” Of course it’s us, we are the bears of Sasha Village ” It seems the boy’s at SCC want help to convince their Mum that they need some bears in their home! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust then Nate turns up to see what all the noise is about. Edward tells him to read the blog on screen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “How can we help them? ” asks Edward worriedly ” I do not speak German !” ” No problem, they are learning English so write them a letter in English ” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “Maybe I should write it ” says Mossy Holding up his fan letter ” after all they are probably just wanting my autograph ” ” If your head gets any bigger , you’ll be stuck in the house unable to get out the door!” says Edward ” they were talking to ALL of us , not just the idiot !” ” Hey! who you calling a Idiot!” ” You” ” Why I’m going to whack you with my fan letter ! ” ” Just you try you ..you..you..IDIOT!” “ENOUGH!” says Nate laughing ” Let’s get the letter done before they get too old to want bears !” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ” Does this mean we have to start speaking German? ” says Amie ” I hope not ! ” replies Gerty ” You have enough trouble with English ” ” Cheeky ” laughs Amie ” I must say It would be hard to listen in on another language , it’s hard enough when that Marcie is talking to her bear Edith, I have to keep getting out my French English dictionary and by the time I’ve found the word, they’ve finished speaking and I’m none the wiser!” While the girl’s have been chatting , the boys have finished the letter to the SC crew. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Let’s hope their mum agrees and we’ll see some of our cousins playing with the S C Crew ”

” Come on” calls Nate ” let’s get mum to do a special photo for them ”



” Hoy ! What’s the dog doing in the photo ” complain’s Mossy
” Be quiet and keep still ” says Edward ” Ready everyone say  bamboo”
they all shout “HONEY”