This is Brigitte’s new no nose girl , Fanny. She is dressed in a lovely autumn leaves patterned dress by Nikita
unfortunately when Brigitte washed her new girl’s hair some broke off! So for now she is going to be a fashion leader with her hats!
When I saw this lovely photo I asked Brigitte for permission to share and she vey kindly said yes and attached another two wonderful photo’s which are below.


This darling Sasha may have thin hair on top but she still has a lovely amount at the sides and back.It’s not as bad as it sounds, she’s a bit like Arabella with her hair loss.


This photo looks like she is hurrying off, places to go people to see!
I think she looks gorgeous, thinning hair or not, this autumn dress looks perfect on her and her hat just makes the outfit complete.
Will be interesting to see what other outfit’s she have as the winter takes hold!

Many thanks Brigitte for giving me permission to show these photos, please note that these photos are the property of Brigitte and her permission should be obtained before use.