I thought I’d best find a nice Frido/Trendon Sasha photo to share and I came across this beautiful photo of one of Ellen Church’s girl’s.
I am very into the brunette’s this year and although I stated in January it was the year of the blonde it was more because I only owned four brunettes and though the year would be very very short!!
But the amount of Brunettes from NP’s down that have appeared for sale this year means that next year there should be an abundance of beauty out there.
This young lady’s hair is almost black in appearance and her Karen Warnaka smocked dress contrasts nicely with her dark colouring.
Thanks once again to Ellen Church whose property this photo is and should not be used without her permission.Without people like Ellen, Kendal , Brigitte and others who share their beautiful Sasha’s and wonderful photo’s, our Sasha world would be a dimmer place.