store your clothes and things for your Sasha’s and Gregor’s? I ask because I have just spent at least half an hour looking for some clothes and boots that I cannot find!

Those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis will know that I have a Sasha cupboard where I can hang some of their dresses, coats ,sweaters etc. Which is good but still not enough space! Now the problem with this is that any dress with pants or hair band etc will not be together which can be a problem if you come to sell something and cannot remember which pants etc, if not same fabric, goes with which!

Also I still have other things stored in boxes of various sizes!

When I change a Sasha or Gregor I will put the clothes I have taken off on the side and then one thing leads to another and things get separated or put somewhere else and like today i cannot find anything! Although It does mean I can find something I totally forgot I had!!

Kendal is very organised and keeps her dresses and their matching items in plastic bags in large boxes, the plastic bags could be a good idea to adopt to ensure that things stay together but I made me wonder what others do?

It would be interesting to find out, I look forward to your comments  🙂