Veronique for dee (7)

This month we have a beautiful yellow eyed Gotz girl belonging to Brigitte. She kindly sent me this photo and the photo of last months girl to choose from and when I saw this Sasha who is called Veronique I was all ready to use her but then I checked the next offering and well I just had to use her first.
So Veronique gets to show off for October and what a sweetie she is.

Veronique for dee (3)

Here is a full length photo showing off her pretty floral dress and apron, she was obviously busy at some job when her mum called her to have her photo taken.

Veronique for dee (6)

and a lovely side on photo to finish on.A very sweet looking Sasha.I love her hat to!

Once again I thank Brigitte for giving me permission to show off her wonderful Sasha and her excellent photography.
Wishing everyone who has a birthday this month a many happy returns and to start I wish Paul the DH a very Happy Birthday today as his starts the month off.