Today I received along with many others some emails from Ellen Church with her fabulous Sasha’s and a Gregor or two getting dressed ready for Fall ( Autumn) ,I have picked out a few photo’s to share with you all here.


Love this young lady dressed in blue. Her sweater is by Catherine French, whose sweaters are the thing of legend…ie extremely hard to find!!!! I have told the sad tale of my Sasha ‘innocence’ where I handed or passed over her fantastic knitwear unaware that if it’s in your hands you BUY IT!! because you may never get another chance….


Two more gorgeous girls in CF sweaters. I’m not bitter .honest!! However I did have a thought when I saw these that Mr French, by all intents and purposes a man of many talents !, could surely make up a contraption where by when Catherine knits there are a pair of needles either side clacking away on two more sweaters thereby increasing her output by 200% !!! Just an idea I’ll leave it with you Catherine….
Love the Harrods bag, I used to work a couple of doors down from Harrods many years ago, if only I’d known I would go on to collect Sasha’s I could have looked for these little things!


Here the girls are trending in their berets.Love the blue of the middle girls eyes stunning!


Well what a fabulous line up of brunettes. I am very into brunettes at the moment and only did not make this year the year of the brunette due to only having four at the time! But if I had realised how many were out there well!
Ellen says that she was not big on brown clothing but decided to dress the brunettes in brown and was amazed at how much she had .I have never really been a fan of brown but like Ellen I have acquired a few dresses here and there and find myself considering buying the odd brown item now and then..that’s what these Sasha’s and Gregor’s do, chance your opinion over time because they look good in almost every colour!


There are some amongst us who will be over the moon to see all these Trendon’s with barely a GOTZ in sight!!


And for that reason I’ll just put in this great photo with the gorgeous NP, Trendon and GOTZ and also because it is a lovely group of girls. I love the fabric of the dress in the centre.


Thought I’d best put in this photo of these two handsome Gregor’s before My boys complain that the Girls are getting favoured more than the boys .


And Ellen then spoils us with some reds and a beautiful blonde in some beautiful floral print smocked dresses.


Two incredible Dungarees girls! I just love these Sasha’s and if my collection only consisted of two of these and a group of No navels I’d me one happy person..sigh…
However lucky for me it consists of a few others 🙂 thank goodness.

Once again I must thank the lovely Ellen Church, who does not send me an email asking what I’m up to! and allows me , having asked permission, to put some of her fab photo’s on here. I must of course mention that these photos are her property and to reproduce them or use them in anyway you need to obtain her permission.