I have received an email from the lovely Ken & Doreen or KD as Hattie likes to call them with regard to the Chat N Snap!
Hattie was hoping they would be able to attend  so she could buy them a cake and make them a cuppa in thanks for  their lovely Hattiestand ( Hat Stand) that they made her But unfortunately the distance is to far.

However KD have not been lazing away the summer idly topping up their tans, NO they have been working on a new range for the Sasha’s , Gregor’s, babies!

They have very kindly decided that Hattie can launch the new range at the Chat N Snap! So in the next week a box will arrive at the village post office and all will be revealed ! Hattie could not worm the info out of them even with her delicate winning ways  🙂

If you would like to see the quality of their work look on my info page at the beautiful hanging rail and babies playpen.This is on the blogspot site.

Also I have put a sale sheet of dolls a seller is bringing along to the Chat N Snap that are looking for new homes!this is also on sale page on blogspot site.

So people it’s time to visit the bank manager and take out that loan , or search down that back of the sofa for any lost coins and empty the piggy bank!