Today Gill and myself took several of our Sasha’s off to meet up with Gayle in Cambridge, we’d been invited to meet up with Gayle ,Dawn, Catherine and the others in London but I had to work, so was unable to make London. So Gayle very kindly invited Gill and myself to bring our Sasha’s for lunch in the house they use when in Cambridge.The house belongs to Pamela 93 ,their good friend , who we had the joy of meeting and chatting to. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gills and my girl’s have a rest on the sofa after the journey. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa closer view. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA the other end. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nate stopped to speak to Gayle’s new no nose boy and Charlotte. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We spent a lovely afternoon in Pamela’s beautifully cosy living room. Gayle’s pale gotz girl stands watching the visitors who are chatting excitedly on the sofa. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gayle’s new boy who she is still searching for a name for, Pamela suggested Fred but Gayle was not keen, at one point Horatio was mentioned……. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Charlotte , the Prize donated to this years festival by the English Sasha ‘family’ and won by Gayle, was happily swapping stories of her new home with Nate who used to live in US before coming to live with me in the UK. I love the her llama jacket made by Rosie Shortell in a beautiful mohair wool. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gayle’s Iona toddler was dicing with death every time Pamela opened the drawer to look for cutlery!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All the kids decided they wanted a group photo, so Gayle managed to fit them all on the sofa. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can see Gayle new boy now wearing a nice blue and yellow outfit to keep him warm in the November weather. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIona’s come to join the group after managing to get off the rope ladder safely before Pam decide’s to open the drawer again!!

We had a lovely time catching up with Gayle, having last seen her at the Stratford upon Avon Festival, much laughter and gasps at Sasha’s and Gregor’s and clothes etc. Gayle wanted to take Gill’s blonde No navels home but Gill declined her offer , we wanted to keep Gayle’s pale gotz slated eyed girl but that was declined too! 🙂
That’s one of the joy’s of meeting Sasha friends, seeing their dolls and clothes and hearing tales of their Sasha purchases. We’d like to thank Gayle and Pamela for a lovely day.