All in the village start to get ready for Winter that will soon arrive, the month of November’s half way through and soon December will be upon us and Christmas !
But early on this murky November morning two figures arrive at a house in the village, they stand outside….

IMG_1779” Could this be the one? ”
“The name is correct and it’s the right village ! ” the other replies
“Wonder how long we’ll be at this place ! Not long I guess ” says the voice sadly
” Well if you stop cutting up people’s living room curtains to make cloaks! That might help!” his companion says ruefully.


” Well Sir Walter , we have our cloaks now so will not be needing another ” He brightens up at this thought.
“Shall we knock and see who our companion’s will be for our next adventure ” enquires Sir Walter


” Maybe we should just go back and save time ! ” he says getting sad again ” It was quite nice waiting with all those others for a home ”
“We’ve waited long enough Lad ” says Sir Walter ” I’m wanting to be resting in a warm cosy place for the Winter not a cupboard full of chattering Misses!”

IMG_1781Sighing they move close to the door and knock long and loud.
They can hear voices inside and soon the door begins to open.


Arabella appears and looks the two visitors over closely.
” Can I help you? ” she enquires after deciding that she can always shut the door if they draw their weapons!
she does not fancy getting hit on the head with a wooden sword!
” Thank you Miss ” says Sir Walter ” We have come to live here ”
” Why am I not surprised ” mutters Arabella before saying aloud ” Does your friend know he’s wearing a pot on his head? ”
The boy looks annoyed but before he can say anything Sir Walter jumps in ” Yes Miss We are Vikings! and that’s his battle helm to protect him from his foes!”

“Mmm He may need it in this place ” confirms Arabella


She pushes the door wide, showing them a girl and a bear talking in the hallway.
” You’ll fit right in !” sighs Arabella.


“Tell the truth ” Hattie is saying ” You have been writing to them Np girl’s at Lady K’s again !”
Reuben looks down so Hattie cannot see his eyes ” Never! ” he declares firmly ” They have been writing to me ! What is a bear to do? Be rude and refuse to answer!”
” Well your rude enough to everyone else ” states Hattie ” So YES be rude to the Np’s that write to you or else!” Hattie storm’s away leaving Reuben muttering about unreasonable females….


Arabella pulls the door back and whispers ” Are you sure you want to live here?”
Sir Walter looks up at the boy ” Well EriK Christensen shall we abide here a while ? ”
Erik replies ” Looks a good place for a skirmish as any, Yes we will visit for a while ”
“Well don’t ever say I did not give you the chance to escape ” Says Arabella turning and leading them into the house ” lets find Mum , I am sure she knows you are coming!”

Their new Mum loves their outfits and takes them off for a photo shoot before she gets them into a hot bath to clean them up, especially Erik!


“Where did you find your helm ? ” asks mum
“Off the cooker ! ” says Erik ” It was full of a nasty smelling stew but it’s ok we did not eat it ! we threw it away and washed the pot!” he finishes smiling
” That’s another reason we found ourselves at Mrs Shelly’s that was the dinner he threw out ! Our last lady was not very happy especially just after that he cut up the curtains!”
“Mmm ” says Mum ” Well if you need anything you must ask, not just take! If we can manage it we’ll sort out want you need  but you may just have to wait a little while”
Erik and Sir Walter look at  each other and Erik starts listing a long list of Viking item’s they’d like! The list seems endless…” and a battle axe and a proper helm  ” he finishes then pauses and adds ” Oh and a Long ship !”
Stunned Mum looks at Erik and Sir Walter ” Well It will take a while but we’ll see what we can do but a Viking long ship!! Mmm maybe you need to talk to your new brother Percy and Dad and see what they say !”
Erik thinks he just might like it here…well for a while….

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A close up my new boy Erik the Viking! He is a 68 boy with NP painted eyes! I do love the 68 dolls and I was over the moon to have managed to get him before he was snapped up!.


Sir Walter his faithful companion a bear who has many wounds from battle’s he’s been in fighting beside his friend Erik.
Their shields have the emblem of the House of Stark from a Game of thrones, which is why this post is entitled Winter is coming, the Stark family motto.Well and also Winter is coming 🙂

This post very nearly did not happen today due to the fact that I took two photo’s and my camera froze on the zoom !! and it is still frozen!! I have had to search out and use the DH’s all singing all dancing proper camera!!! With No instruction as the DH’s is off out all day doing his level three archery coaching course!! So I have to apologise for the lack of  differing photo’s as I had no idea what I was doing and if there would actually be any photo’s worth using when I loaded them on!! I was so pleased to find I actually managed to get some and that they were in focus!! always a good start.

Well I’m off to see if my camera can be saved! or if I am going to have to try and use this singing one again!!