We have another new Dollember girl belonging to Jude , who kindly said I could show her off. Shelly’s sent me her photo’s so we do not have to wait.

dollember 1

Yes this little lady makes it the hat trick for Gotz slate eyed girls as she is a beautiful red haired girl, so we have had a blonde , a brunette and now a red. Ronny will be so happy!!! Looking a little dusty in this photo but I am sure she’ll be having a lovely refreshing wash as soon as she gets home to her new mum.

dollember 2

Love this young lady, such a sweet look about her.So it looks like Dollember is well under way with Sasha’s being delivered worldwide to brighten up this festive month with a little something for the sashaholics out there who need their fix before Christmas.

Many thanks to Jude for allowing me to share her new girl and Shelly for her fantastic photos.