The lovely Ellen Church shared some more photo’s of her beautiful Sasha’s and Gregor’s and this time included some photo’s of the mess she makes while changing them into new outfits for her photo shoots. IMG_0997 Mmm not much messy here! just a couple of Gregor’s waiting for their outfits. IMG_0998Mmm looks like organised chaos to me ! Love seeing those two little babies sitting on the sofa off to the right of the photo, totally ignoring what’s happening behind them ! IMG_0999 I must say the Sasha waiting to be changed into the dress is looking very grumpy! Maybe she was arguing with Ellen about which dress SHE wanted to wear! IMG_1000 This is very tidy ‘mess’ to me! If you could see how I leave all my Sasha’s clothes about you’d be shocked! These photo’s have made me realise I must sort out all my things in the New year and label and box them all and when I change them take the boxes with me instead of leaving a big pile of clothes and shoes here, there and everywhere!! I would love to spend a few hours looking through all of Ellen’s boxes… what a treat that would be!! Here are some of the finished results , just to prove that Ellen did actually achieve something from all this ‘chaos’.. IMG_4523_2Love this knitted outfit and the colours look so nice on this young lady.


Here is a better view of the three cats sitting on the wall meowing at the moon.

Just had to show you this young lad in his ski wear, I do love these winter sweaters.


This young lady’s heading for the door before her mum decides she needs a new outfit!


Well I just had to include this lovely girl looking nice and warm in her red tights and navy dress.


This young lad looks like he’s done a double take at all the chaos in the living room!


Thought you’d like to see his full outfit. I’m sure he’ll help mum put all the boxes away, so he can sit in front of the wood burner and read .

Note to self :: need more boxes and to actually USE them……

Many thanks once again to Ellen Church for allowing us a glimpse into her Sasha world and sharing her photo’s with us.

These photo’s are the property of Ellen Church and should not be used without her permission.