OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The bears sitting waiting for their moment in the spotlight! getting buried under other props that have been left about! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Poor Kate and Belle are still sitting reading but now hidden behind the table and chairs that need somewhere to be stored! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The only reason there are no shoes, clothes or props sitting on these shelves is that I finally moved them so the Christmas cards could go on in their place!. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the worse place! The side cupboard at the side of the sofa where I sit. It is always covered with sasha  props , shoes and other bits along with all the bags of props clothes and wool sitting in front of it!!The little basket contains lots of little things that need putting away!

And this is when I am NOT changing any one!!!

Right I’m off to tidy up , Oh did I say I’d found the missing Halloween props ? They were in the computer cupboard in a box right beside the computer I use for the blog……… only took me six weeks to check that box!!