Well Christmas is getting ever closer and things need doing , cards sending, presents wrapping , Sasha buying…oops ignore that bit ;), decorations placing , food cooking..so much to do and so little time!!!

And in amongst all that is blogging!! So many plans, stories to finish , new ones to start! Comings and goings!! Results to give, plans to make …….

So totally off subject I thought I would share with you a new purchase I made!!! I saw these last year and just loved them but was very good and did not buy one even though I really wanted to!

Then they had some again in a Shop in the town I work in, again sorely tempted but again was good UNTIL I saw them in my local garden centre! and much cheaper than in town but still was good………UNTIL…my local garden centre sent me an email with a 20% off voucher!!! What’s a girl to do!!! It was obviously meant to be that I should purchase the one that I really loved, although there are a few different one’s to chose from but this one I just loved on sight!!!

Now those of you who follow this blog will know that we have a nice big garden which we enjoy working on and it is for this that I purchased the item I am about to show you.

You will either hate it or love it but for me it just makes me smile, so I will show you what I bought today for the garden, although if you had enough room you could keep one inside.

I am calling him Billy Bob!!


Yes he is a Goat!  He is made from recycled scrapped 44 gallon drums, no two are identical.


from the side


view from above.


From the rear.


He can eat the windfall apples while he shelters under the lychgate until the spring ,when I will move him into the flowerbed where he can chew on a few flower heads!!

I just love him! You can get cats, dogs, mice, sheep and even a cow that’s got a lid so inside you can put ice and use it to keep your drinks cool!! But he was my favourite! Made me think of the three billy goats gruff tale! I may have to find a troll to stop him from crossing the bridge ( Lychgate).

So you can see that I did not get very far on my Christmas shopping, only managed four gifts for others , two pairs of shoes in a sale for me and Billy Bob!!

Oh I did go to post office and it was not busy!! which was great as I have been every day this week apart from Monday!

The DH is off on his works dinner in Hereford and will not be back until tomorrow, when he can meet Billy Bob, although he does have his ipad so may well be reading this tonight..in which case…doesn’t he look great!! He’ll be so good in the flowerbeds…you’ll love him…. really!!!!

I’ll be back later with a Sasha post……or two…..  🙂