is a something you do or you don’t ! I have always been a collector I remember as a child collecting books, I loved Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and The Secret Seven books. I would save my pocket money and go every few weeks to buy another book.
I still have all my collection , paper backs with price tags of 1 shilling and 6 pence. I also collect erasers at that time.

When I was older I collected Bookmarks from places I visited for holidays or school trips and also Key rings I remember a very large yellow one that had No on one side and Yes on the other and about another ten hanging all from the same ring , I don’t however remember actually having a key!! I lived in South London in the days when the front door was only locked when you went to bed or everybody was out!

Over the years I have collected lots of different things, even now apart from Sasha’s and Bramber Bears, I have Emma Bridgewater pottery and tea towels that I have finally started using after getting so many from so many different places over the years.

And of course a collector will have collection’s of just a few items of a certain thing that takes their fancy.

My latest is tins!! Yes I know tin’s ! I have always liked all the different styles of tins they bring out for Christmas but these ones are much smaller and so easier to keep and I am going to find a practical use for them.
These tins I have remind me of Hattie which is what drew me to them, also the pictures are so good, I am definitely a person who would buy a book by it’s cover!!!


I think they may be based on a story book, if anyone knows please can you tell me, but I just love these winter ones.


In the same shop I also found the little Peter Rabbit tin and the tiny signs, perfect Sasha size. I am sure this collection will not be ‘big’ but then again who knows what I’ll find now I am looking!!!