I thought I would show you my Christmas gifts which this year are almost all totally Sasha !


These are the gifts I received from my friends.
Gill bought me the sweet shop so I can use them with my shop front on the blog and of course I will need to eat and replenish the stock on a regular basis  😉

Steve gave me the union jack suit which he knew I loved when I saw it on his NP eyed boy and now the boy’s gone off to pastures new and I have an NP eyed lad ( Erik the Viking) he’s passed it on to me, also included with his gift is the tiny brown Schuco bear from the 1940’s/50’s he tells me (The Bear that is ) that he is a very good friend of Reuben’s!!!!!

Kendal very kindly gave me the red desk lamp and torch which are a perfect size for the Sashas. I also received from Kendal the beautiful  green Vintage Sasha outfit, which I was over the moon to get as I had missed the one that Sarah put on for sale and just adored the colour and I love Sarah’s smocked dresses with shorts outfits.


As luck would have it  I had bought a matching pink outfit from Sarah at the Chat n Snap in October so cannot wait for next spring/summer when I can start using these outfits on the girls!

This is my present from Paul the DH!!  About a month or so ago Cathy put a link to this on the Ruby Lane site. I went to have a look and thought what a gorgeous almost mint pram complete with it’s little apron.
I worked out the sterling cost and mentioned to Paul that this perfect Red pram with apron was on at a good even with postage price.
I saw him looking at the three I already own and I went off to reply to an email I had received from a friend.
When Paul said ” I’ll buy it for you for Christmas if you like” !
You would think I jumped at the offer but no I carried on with my email and thought about if I truly needed another pram ! Once my email was finished I thought about the fact that the price was very good for one with an apron and in such good condition and then that I could always sell one of the others later, so I accepted Paul offer to buy it and it arrived a few weeks ago beautifully wrapped in Christmas paper with a bright pink ribbon.


You can see how clean it is.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt still retains it original price ticket from the 50’s /60’s of $8.95 !!! oh to buy them for that price!! although no doubt that was a small fortune in those days!.


I bought one of DollMum’s games sets at the Chat n Snap for the Sasha Village Clan for Christmas. They cannot wait to start using all the different games.
I also bought the babies the beautiful swing by KD, details are on my sales page. I would show a photo but it’s packed away at the moment while the visitors are here but it will be featured in blog posts in the new year.


For the bears I bought this pet carrier. It attaches to the American girl bike I have and means that the bears can be transported about the garden on mass! I found this for sale on UK Ebay which was great as it saved on cost of US postage and customs charges.

I also have a new girl on her way to the Village which I bought with the money my three daughters gave me for Christmas. Well I actually bought her before they gave me the money as I saw her and she was too good to miss, so she should be here in the New Year, so more details when she arrives.

These are the Sasha cards I received from Sasha friends, I love receiving Sasha cards so interesting to see what people do.


A lovely selection.

These are the cards I sent to Sasha friends but being me I could not find the file I had put the photo in from last winter that I took especially for using as a Christmas card. When I finally found it and ordered them,on 2nd December! ) I did not order enough and had run out of time to get any extra, so if you received an ordinary Christmas card from me this year I apologise and promise to do better next!!


This is Claudia in her winter Dollie patch outfit pulling some of the bears along in the snow last Winter.

Well I think I have done very well this Christmas on the Sasha front and cannot wait to start using all these wonderful gifts in the coming year and beyond.


Oh and this is my 300th post this year!!!! What can I say but I do certainly know how to chatter!!!!